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Who is Boris. 


Fitness Trainer, Coach, Dad

Boris is the founder of OC Healthy + Fit. After moving to the US from Ecuador, he has worked

as a personal trainer in Southern California for over 12 years. He is a certified National Academy

of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Trainer with

an additional USA Weightlifting Coaching  Credential.


Passionate about strength and weight training,

full body fitness, and healthy eating, Boris leads

by example. He only recommends to his clients what he has personally tested and knows will yield results. Boris prides himself in attention to detail, coaching his clients how to perform each exercise properly to ensure their safety and obtain maximum results. Boris works with a number of people who have completed their initial transformation and have been dedicated clients for as long as 10 years. Boris is committed to helping his clients attain long-term health and fitness.


As a native Ecuadorian, Boris se habla español and he might even share his famous ceviche recipe with you. 

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