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Weight Training

Weight & Strength Training

Building muscle not only improves your overall health and fitness, but also prevents injuries and increases your resting metabolic rate. I will customize your strength training based on your current level of fitness, prior experience with weight training, and fitness goals. 

Cardio & Full Body Workouts

Cardio and full body workouts are steady elements of my training programs. Running, pushing sled, and jump rope are some of my favorites. I promise to keep it  fun and interesting, and include lots of cardio workouts in your program to keep your heart healthy and strong. 

Image by Chichi Onyekanne
Image by Ello

Meal Planning 

To stay healthy and fit, you need to eat well. But don't worry, it is not as hard as you think. The key is to keep it simple. Once we set your health and fitness goals, I will coach you on what to shop for and how to prepare your food. Or make a recommendation for a local meal service that can do it for you.

Support & Motivation

Investing in your health and fitness is one the best things you can do for yourself. Period. However, as with any new endeavor, it can be challenging to maintain your new fitness routine and healthy eating habits. I have been there and get that. I am here for you to provide support, accountability, and help you stay consistent. 

Intense Training
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