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What our clients say about OC Healthy + Fit. 

​I have been working with Boris for the last 8+ years and absolutely enjoy my sessions with him. He caters to your needs and makes you feel comfortable no matter what level you are on. Boris challenges you appropriately and makes working out enjoyable. I would recommend Boris to anybody regardless of your fitness level. Boris understands not only what needs to be done in the gym, but also getting the nutrition side dialed in as well. He is professional and will help you achieve your goals. Best investment! Thank you Boris for all the help!


Ann, Irvine 


I have been working with Boris for more than 10 years. He is an excellent trainer. Boris has kept me accountable for my workouts, which helps me stay consistent. He changes up the routine of
exercises to keep me interested and focused on different muscle groups. I love that I don’t have to think about my workouts—I just show up and Boris has my workouts ready. He consistently watches my form and corrects me when necessary. I appreciate that Boris is sensitive to my age (over 60) and doesn’t try to push me to use inappropriate weight. I like that he focuses on a full body workout, including cardio. 

Being a physically active guy, I have had a few injuries during the period I have worked with Boris. He has been very helpful in my recoveries. I would recommend Boris to people just starting out in a gym, as well as to those that are more experienced.

Cary, Newport Beach

When you decide to train with Boris, you embark on on a journey to a more confident, healthier, and stronger you. That is a guarantee.

I've been training with Boris regularly for the last several years. With his strong commitment to fitness, healthy eating, and well-being, he has been a role-model and an inspiration. It is important to me that Boris practices what he preaches and, as such, he always keep an eye on my form to make sure I don't get injured and get the most out of every exercise. I also appreciate his focus on the long-term and continuous reminders that the physical transformation I am striving for depends on my consistent effort and not pushing myself beyond my limits.


Boris and I  regularly switch things up depending on my goals. Sometimes, that means more cardio and full body workouts. Other times, more weight training and learning how to activate new muscle groups. Working out with Boris is a must for me. 

Patrycja, Costa Mesa 

beach p2_edited.jpg

I’ve really enjoyed having Boris as my trainer. He’s knowledgeable, friendly, and fun. Boris switches up the workouts so it’s not boring, and he pushes me in a way that keeps me coming back. His energy makes me feel like I’m coming to the gym to hang out with a friend. Working out with Boris has become a lifestyle for me.

Katherine, Newport Beach

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